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    MiniOS version 3.3.2 has been released, which fixes minor bugs that were discovered after the release of version 3.3.1. Read more about the update here.

What is MiniOS?

MiniOS is a lightweight and fast Linux distribution designed for installation on a USB drive. The MiniOS project was launched in 2009 as a Linux distribution for USB drives based on Mandriva Linux. However, in 2013 it was suspended due to the liquidation of Mandriva. The modern version of MiniOS has been released since 2020 and is based on Debian - one of the most popular and stable distributions.

A distinctive feature of MiniOS is its modular approach to system configuration, which allows users to add or remove modules as needed. This makes the system easy to use and flexible in customization. Based on MiniOS, you can create your own version of the system by simply and quickly creating the necessary modules with the set of programs you need, creating your own unique ISO using our utilities. In addition, MiniOS occupies only 376-1790 MB of disk space (depending on the version) and can be run from a USB drive without the need to install it on your computer's hard disk.

MiniOS can be installed using popular programs such as Ventoy, Rufus, UNetbootin, balenaEtcher and many others. MiniOS supports booting from EFI and Legacy-BIOS and uses the same package manager as Debian. This provides access to the same repositories and the ability to install the same software packages.

MiniOS has an active and friendly community of users and developers who are ready to help new users and discuss new ideas and suggestions. You can join the MiniOS community to learn more about the distribution, get help or share your experience using it.

Аttention to detail

We make MiniOS beautiful so that you can enjoy using it every day and for any task. We pay great attention to every detail in the operating system.

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Choose Your Edition

Note that the language of the downloaded distribution depends on the language of this page. If you want a distribution in a language other than English, select the language you want in the upper right corner.

  • Flux

    MiniOS Minimum

    The most compact version of MiniOS, visually similar to Slax and represents an alternative view of Slax from the MiniOS team. It uses Fluxbox environment with a minimal set of software in the image and does not contain a browser.

    425 MB*

    32bit 64bit
  • Minimum

    MiniOS Minimum

    This version is based on a previous version of Debian and is compressed using the xz algorithm so that it takes up a small amount of space. It contains a minimal set of software.

    386 MB*

    32bit 64bit
  • Standard

    MiniOS Standard

    The most balanced version of the system, which combines compactness and necessary functionality along with a user-friendly interface. It is compressed by the zstd algorithm, which makes it load and run applications faster than minimalist versions.

    570 MB*

    32bit 64bit
  • Maximum

    MiniOS Maximum

    A complete system. Includes all the same things as the Standard, plus everything you need for comfortable work and entertainment. The best choice for fans of Swiss Army knives. Contains basic office editors, media player, browser, backup programs and much more software for most tasks at home and at work.

    700 MB*

  • Ultra

    MiniOS Ultra

    An all-in-one system for those who need advanced functionality - from a music editor, full-featured office software, image editor to Docker containers and virtualization system.

    1390 MB*

  • Puzzle

    MiniOS Puzzle

    The system-constructor, in its basic version, is an analogue of the Standard version with the possibility of expanding the system to Ultra functionality and even more at the expense of pre-prepared modules that are available on our website.

    530-1790 MB*

    64bit base 64bit full

* - the actual size of the distribution may vary slightly.